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Dual or solo instruction

Instruction on a school aircraft (inc. fuel)

£120 ph

Instruction in students own aircraft

£70 ph

Package Deals

25 Hour Course


Dual instruction and solo supervision, including Ground School package (if required) Excludes all General Flying Test examination charges.

25 Hour Course on school aircraft (weight-shift or 3-axis)
Note: Any additional training beyond the 25 hours will be charged additionally at the current hourly rate

Block bookings

10 Hours on School aircraft (weight-shift or 3 axis)


10 Hours on own aircraft (weight-shift or 3 axis)


Once a 25 hour course or block booking has been made, the total fees are to be paid and are not refundable


Ground School

Ground school on an individual basis


Package - 20 Hours Ground School including all Theory Exams


Test and Examination charges

Individual examinations

Human performance limitations


Air law


Aircraft technical part 1






General Flying Test, including aircraft


Flying Club Membership

£150 per Annum

Trial flights
Learning to fly
Airfield Plate
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